Did you know that electricity bill is the most expensive utility in the United States, accounting for approximately 10% of homeowner’s expenditure? This recurrent can be reduced if homeowners embraced smart home technology. At Greater Air Care we provide state of the art heating and cooling services capable of massively cutting down the bill. We are based in the heart of Missouri City, TX, BBB accredited with an A+ rating. If you are looking for smart home technologies, it’s your lucky day.

What is Smart Home Technology?
A Smart home technology is a technique of utilizing modern home devices capable of providing comfort, energy efficiency and security 24/7. The smart gadgets play a vital role in reducing operational costs and being convenient regardless of whether someone is present at home or not.

For your home to be “Technologically Smart” appliances such as camera, lighting, air conditioning, security, heating, computers, TVs and other entertainment systems should be capable of being synchronized. This makes it possible for them to communicate giving the homeowner the ability to control them remotely via internet or even a phone.

How Smart Home Technology Improves Energy Efficiency
Since energy is the most costly utility bill, smart homes appliances come handy to make it affordable. Here are some of the devices that every home should have if they intend to reduce the cost of electricity.

Smart Bulbs
There are various smart lighting alternatives on the market which all perform the same primary function of home illumination. However, the art of using a phone to control the lighting system places smart bulbs a notch higher.  On energy efficiency, a smart bulb, 9 watts on average produce enough light comparable to that of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Mathematically, it reduces the amount of energy consumption by 85%.

Smart Thermostats
Smart thermostats are a hot potato for energy saving home enthusiasts worldwide. The devices not only promote the living green dream but also save significantly on power. Initially, the programmable thermostats needed a homeowner to set its routine. However, the smart one automatically detects your preferences and automatically fits in your schedule able to recognize your temperature preferences, when you sleep and when you are not in the house. As a result, the thermostat regulates your home air conditioning and has been found to reduce the cost of energy by over 15%.

Other Smart Home products

•    Automatic light timers
•    Digital light dimers
•    Automatic motion detectors
•    Solar pool heater

It is indisputable that smart home products are the 2017th home-tech trend. There is no better place to make your home smart than by contacting Greater Air Care. Take advantage of our years of experience, offers, and quality services.