Your home heating and air conditioning equipment may be getting overlooked in your routine maintenance plan. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that a lot of homeowners make given that many people pay very little attention to this equipment until there is a problem. Following are a few important maintenance tips for your heating and air conditioning that HVAC professionals recommend. With the proper attention and care, you can extend the lifetime of this equipment and keep it functioning optimally.

Always change your filters out at least two to three times per year. This is actually something that you should do once every two to three months, depending upon the frequency at which this equipment is used. Regular filter changes will reduce the amount of stress that is placed on your HVAC system while protecting and improving overall indoor air quality.

You can purchase filter replacements online or at a local home and hardware store. You can also get these direct from your trusted HVAC service professionals. It is always a good idea to have several clean filters in stock. This is particularly true for outdated units or models with components that are difficult to find.

Some models have reusable filters. With these, the filters simply need to be removed, washed with a mild soapy solution, rinsed with plenty of clear water and then put back in. You can consult your manual to see how your filter should be treated. If your filter is a reusable one, however, make sure that you tackle this task at regular intervals.

You can also dust the interior of your unit by taking the cover off. Use a soft cloth or brush to gently remove all build-ups and debris. Make sure, however, that you are not removing any components or covers that will cause you to compromise your warranty. If you are unsure of how the terms and conditions of this agreement might be violated, simply ask your regular provider to do this for you.

If you happen to live in a very dusty region, you definitely want to have your ducts cleaned every one to two years. This is especially true if you live right near a freeway or if there is new property construction in your neighborhood. The costs of having these services performed will prove more than worthwhile. Duct cleaning can be especially beneficial for households that have elderly adults, people with chronic respiratory illnesses and compromised immune systems.

Never attribute strange sounds coming from this equipment to mere age. When HVAC equipment becomes especially noisy, this is usually a sign of a pending problem. Having a licensed professional inspect these noises may be essential for catching and resolving the issue before it turns into something far larger and much more costly to repair.

Always have your unit professionally serviced twice each year. This is important to do ahead of both the coldest months of Winter and the hottest months of Summer. Don not wait until you absolutely need this equipment before turning it on and making sure that it functions properly. Routine servicing from professionals will allow for in-depth maintenance tasks that you are not capable of handling on your own, as well as the opportunity to identify minor issues before these leave you without hot or cool air when you need it most.