The common thought maybe that outside air is full of pollutants. The truth of the master is that indoor pollution causes more allergic reactions and is often far more dangerous. Unexpected changes or additions in your indoor atmosphere changes the air quality without you realizing it.

Fresh Air

An easy way to improve daily air quality to simply open your windows once or twice a day for five to ten minutes. It allows polluted air out while inviting clean air in to replace it. When moving in new furniture, a deep cleaning or a fresh coat of paints on a wall may require you to air out your home a little longer than you did before.


Carrier humidifiers assist with limited mold build up that can be toxic, even without other pollutants. Dust mites and molds that produce allergens and mycotoxins are filtered through an indoor humidifier to reduce indoor pollution and help everyone’s allergies take a break, at least while in the comfort of their home.

Fake Scents, Reduces Quality

The local grocery store or dollar shop has their plug-ins, candles, and oils on display. Smell-good may be nice for when people are expected at your home, however, it causes air pollution without us realizing it. Rather than use fake scents to improve the smell and ambiance of your home, fresh fruit slices or baking soda is the best option without the cost of replacements or temporary solutions.

Plants Are Your Friends

Houseplants have been known to reduce indoor toxins. Not everyone has a green thumb and finds it the right approach for themselves.  English Ivy and Peace lilies are natural pollution blockers.

Apps For Everything

Phone apps are a part of our daily lives. The icons on the screen are to check social media, recent phone calls, and perhaps a game or two. However, companies have developed smart apps that will give you a reading of your indoor air quality.

Removing pollutants from your indoor air ensures your itching nose does not wake you in the depths of the night.  Greater Air Care Specialists are available to discuss which methods suits your needs. Carrier humidifiers are recommended because you also get the helpful advice of our specialists.