As is true in industries of all sorts, no two HVAC companies are identical in the way they do business. Differences run the full gamut. Everything from hiring requirements and service protocols to pricing and hours of operation is certain to vary between one air conditioning company and the next. This is not to say that there is necessarily one correct business model by which all others should be measured. Instead, it is an acknowledgment that each customer’s situation and personal preferences should dictate the air conditioning company with which they ultimately decide to do business.
Below are a handful of considerations to bear in mind when evaluating an air conditioning company.


Nothing worth having is free. Well, very little, anyway. In the blazing summer months of Houston, reliably cool indoor temperatures are very much worth having. Maintaining as much requires dependable AC maintenance on the front end and, when necessary, precision air conditioning service. These things come at a cost, of course, and should be weighted in relation to their quality. Be mindful of the fact that low pricing up front often carries with it the risk of higher expenses down the road. Research each company closely and reach an understanding as to what your out-of-pocket costs will look like in the short/long-term.

Maintenance Packages

Nearly every HVAC service provider offers a maintenance plan of one sort or another. Many of these require upfront fees with very little covered in the way of comprehensive AC unit repairs. Others might charge a higher plan premium (see above) while offering greater coverage in the event that major air conditioning service proves necessary. Deciding what is best might require a close examination of your air conditioning unit’s age and overall condition. From there you can determine what sort of maintenance package is most commensurate with your needs.

Service Area

Based on where in Houston you happen to reside, certain air conditioning companies may not service your specific area. Determine this up front and narrow your options immediately. It is also ideal to speak with a customer service professional in order to determine what sort of response time you can expect in the event of your needing urgent air conditioning service.

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